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Transforming STEM Education with New Media
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Transforming STEM Education with New Media


Engaging Students in Learning with Technology

Using emerging technologies, Clever Crazes for Kids™ brings to homes, classrooms and After-School Programs across the country, new and exciting ways to engage kids in learning about STEM (how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are integrated into their everyday lives).

By integrating STEM curriculum with interactive media, we are presenting a platform for students to engage with learning in a meaningful way.


Integrating Mobile Platforms, Social Networks, and Multimedia for a More Involved Learning Community.

The opportunity for students to win prizes and rewards for themselves and their schools provides motivation to learn and promotes social responsibility.


Capturing Attention with a Visually Exciting Aesthetic to Facilitate Learning

We live in a visual world, so representing topics such as biodiversity, art, citizenship, and outer space, with cleanly designed graphics and bold colors, will peak students interest, appeal to their emotions and help engage them in the learning process.

With lessons that use mobile technologies and social media, our digital innovation is driving a new kind of learning.

STEM Integration

Teaching STEM with Educational Games Across Platforms

STEM is the interdisciplinary nature of how students encounter Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the real world. CCK games immerse students in STEM education by making learning fun and interactive. These games are developed for display across platforms: web, tablets and mobile devices.

A collaboration between Clever Crazes for Kids and the University of Cincinnati